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Introduction to HTTP- Learn HTTP by Creating Flask Application

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Welcome to the Learn HTTP by Creating Flask Application blog series. In this blog series, we'll learn the HTTP concepts mostly in a practical way using the Flask framework.

Why Flask?

Flask is a micro web framework, which is easy to set up and learn. And the Python programming language is more mature and easy to learn.

Topics will be covered.

  • About HTTP

  • HTTP Methods

  • HTTP status codes

  • HTTP request and response.

  • HTTP frameworks

  • Flask

  • HTTP methods using Flask

  • HTTP header and body

  • HTTP server.

About HTTP

We are using the internet to browse websites, listen to music, watching movies, download resources, etc. Also, you are reading this article via the internet. We are accessing the internet by using applications like video stream app, music streaming application, browsers, e-commerce application, and many more. These applications have to connect the server to provide the services. HTTP protocol helps to connect the user application and server using the internet. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, which is the application protocol also, called as a client-server protocol. HTTP is doing two significant tasks between the client and the server those are request and response. Client request the server and the server will response based on the client request. Request and response are the core tasks in the HTTP protocol.

Request and response have two parts one is header, and another one is a body. These may change based on HTTP methods. HTTP methods are GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, CONNECT, and PATCH. GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods are the most used methods.

I hope this article gives a useful introduction to the HTTP. Next article in this blog series, we will see more about the HTTP methods and their behaviors. Thanks for reading!.

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