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As a React Native Developer. My First Thoughts on Start Learning Flutter.

Two years before, the first time I heard about the Flutter framework. I did not think that Flutter will become a more efficient framework like today. That time Iconic and React Native was more popular.

Today Flutter is one of the popular mobile application frameworks. I tried to learn Flutter many times but couldn't schedule a proper time. But last Sunday, I decided to learn Flutter in my leisure time. So, now I gradually started the learning of Flutter. I have some decent knowledge of React Native. I felt some of the similarities and differences while learning the Flutter as a React Native. That is why I decided to write a blog to share my thoughts on learning Flutter.

What is Flutter?

According to Wikipedia, Flutter is Open Source UI development Kit created by Google to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, web, and Google Fuchsia using a single code base.

But in my knowledge, the current scenario is Flutter is better suitable for creating Android and iOS applications. In the case of React Native, which primarily supports only Android and iOS development.

Everything is Widgets

React Native has built-in components that look similar to HTML tags. To style the component or design the screen layout, we need to write CSS like styles using JavaScript objects. But in Flutter, everything is widgets. For instance, layouts, styles, alignments, buttons, and gestures. It seems quite different and a little difficult to understand for the first time.

Stateless and Stateful Widgets

Flutter has two important classes, stateless and stateful widgets. For the first time, it looks similar to React's Component and PureComponent, but here stateless widgets cannot mutable.

The setState function

Both React Native and Flutter have the setState function to update the application state. Currently, I do not know more information about Flutter's setState function. We will look it more elaborately in the upcoming blogs related to Flutter.


Flutter uses the Dart programming language primarily to write the code. I'm in the beginning stage of learning the Dart programming language. It feels like a combination of C + Java + JavaScript + Python. I found some similarities between TypeScript and Dart in some cases, like the fat arrow function and map method. But still, I need to get familiar with more syntaxes in Dart.

I'm really at the beginning stage of learning Flutter. I planned to write more blogs related to Flutter in the future, so stay tuned. Also, check out my other blog posts on https://techaaroorian.com/blogs.

Thank you for reading!

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