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Things to Improve Programming Skills.

Learn and Understand about Different Types of Type Systems

Type systems are important, there are different kinds of type system following by programming languages, such as Dynamic, Static, Duck Typing, etc. Majority of programming languages are classified based on two Type Systems, those are Dynamic language and Static language.

Dynamic Type System

The dynamic type system does not require to specify the type of an object or a variable. Python and Ruby are examples of Dynamically type language.

Static Type System

Static type system requires types( Integer, Float, String, or an Object Type). C and Java are examples of Static type languages.

In the above code, didn’t specify the types of variables and return type of method for Python(Dynamic). But we must specify the type information in Scala(Static).

"Modern statically typed programming languages support type inference which helps to detect type automatically at the compile time."

Programming Paradigms

Nowadays programming languages support multiple paradigms like Object Orientation, Procedural and Functional. These are essential which will help to structure the software and helps to make more understandable code. Having good knowledge of these paradigms are important.


Algorithms are important which help to improve problem-solving skills. It is mandatory than memorizing more syntax. So learn to make good and efficient algorithms.

Syntactic Sugar

Syntactic sugar refers to a syntax which is more easy to understand. This may vary between programming languages. Some programming language supports more syntactic sugar code. For Instance, Python, Scala, and Swift. By using syntactic sugar, we can reduce the lines of code and code will be more readable.

Debug Efficiently

Debugging is an important part of programming. We can’t code without bug all the time. If you practiced fixing more bugs? then debugging more complex code will not be frustrating. Programming languages have many debuggers even many good IDEs have good debugging tools. Learn how to use these features effectively and we have to learn manually debug the bugs in the code. It will come from practice(solving more bugs).

Reactive Programming

Computers are evolving rapidly which comes with multi-core processors and gives high performance. Computers can process multiple tasks at a time. Reactive programming is important for utilizing these features. Reactive programming refers to the asynchronous style of programming (data streams). Programming for the single thread will not give more performance for big applications, so need to learn to utilize the multiple threads and multiple cores.

Do Projects

Doing only sample programs and learning more language syntax would not help to improve problem-solving skill. The solution is, try to do some simple projects. It will help analyze real-world problems as well as improve your programming skills.

Update Knowledge

Keep updating your knowledge about the latest programming techniques and the new implementation of programming languages. They may introduce new syntax or other optimizations. You have to aware of them. Try to be connected with online programming communities.

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