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Top 5 benefits of using Git in your project.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

In modern software project development, using Git is becoming an unwritten rule. Git is a distributed version control system that helps a software development team to collaborate and effectively maintain the project. There are many version control systems available, but Git liked by most of the software development teams in the world. So in this article, I'm going to share the top 5 benefits of using Git in your project based on my experience and knowledge I gained for Git.

1. Save Updates as Commit.

The important core feature of Git is storing all updates and milestones as versions. Git stores all versions in an effective way, this is called commits in Git. Every commit in Git has the commit hash(unique hash) using the commit hash we can retrieve the change that we did in the past. If you do a commit, git will store all necessary details like author-name, what are the changes are done, and date/time of the commit. So tracking every detail is also easy.

The following is typical commit message details from the git log command.

2. Collaborate With Team

Your team members easily collaborate to develop the project using Git. Git saves author details in every commit and features like merging, pull, and push makes it easy to share and work across the team.

3. Work in Multiple Features Simultaneously

Git has a powerful feature called git branches. It creates the logical clone of the repository from a particular version(commit). We can create more than one branch for a git repository. It helps the team to work simultaneously without disturbing other team member's code.

4. Undo Errors

It is normal to make errors while working on a project. We can undo errors if we are using git in our project. There are many ways we can undo the errors or eliminate unwanted stuff from the project using Git. For instance, git stash, git revert, etc. We'll look undo errors deeply in another article.

Before git stash.

After git stash

5. Avoid Single Point of Failure

Git is a distributed version control system. The entire repository details will store in all of your team members' local machines. In any case of centralized storage crashed, your team will not lose the data.

Thank you for reading :)

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