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Top 5 GitHub Projects to Learn Python

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Python is a high-level, dynamic, interpreted language. It regarded as one of the top 10 programming languages, and job opportunities are immense. There are plenty of resources available to learn Python online. But you are going to know something interesting in this blog post.

Often I'm surfing on the GitHub website to know the impressive open-source projects. By this, I found some great projects which will help who are all learning the Python programming language. So I decided to write the blog post to share the knowledge about those projects.

The following list made based on my experience and starts given for projects. This blog post is for intermediate level learners. So learners must have beginners level knowledge to utilize the projects.

1. python-guide by realpython

This project is a guidebook to the Python programming language. It has sources for beginner to expert level.


2. pipenv by pypa

This project does not have learning resources for Python. It is a package and virtual environment manager for Python projects.

Why does pipenv important?

While learning, we may need to use some third party packages for our projects. The pip tool will install the packages as global, which is not good. To solve this problem, we have to use pip and virtualenv tools together. The pipenv tools simplify the work and also help to maintain a stable project structure.


3. Python by TheAlgorithms

It has the sources to learn some of the major algorithms, such as search, data structures, sort, etc.


4. python-patterns by faif

It is about design patterns. Design patterns are solutions to commonly occurring problems in software development.


5. project-based-learning by tuvtran

Nothing is best than doing projects, which will help to find solutions for real problems. This GitHub project has sources for many programming languages, such as C++, JavaScript, Python, etc.


I hope this blog post is interesting. Thank you for reading!

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