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Top 5 Packages & Libraries for React Native Development

The mobile application is crucial for almost every business. From e-commerce to learning online courses the mobile applications help people to accomplish their work smoothly. React Native is a JavaScript framework to create cross-platform mobile applications. In React Native, every UI component is the actual native UI components of Android and iOS. So, there is no significant performance difference between application created using native SDK and React Native. And also a major choice of some big companies like Facebook.

Okay, now if you like to create an application using the React Native, you would need many community-driven third-party packages and libraries to do your work. So I would like to give information about five useful React Native libraries based on my experience and knowledge.

React Navigation (react-navigation)

React Native doesn't have navigation features in its library. We must go with some other third-party library to do screen navigations. React Navigation is a great library to implement the screen navigation and routing in React Native applications. It has many useful navigation options like stack navigation, switch navigation, drawer navigation, and tap navigation.

Redux (redux, react-redux)

There is no doubt Redux is a renowned state management library for React-based applications. Redux helps to maintain the application state in an efficient way using the philosophy, single source of truth.

React Native Modal (react-native-modal)

The modal view is important for many scenarios. There is no built-in modal view feature in React Native. The react-native-modal is from the react-native-community so which would be a more suitable modal library for React Native applications.

React Native Modal Selector (react-native-modal-selector)

Create the application for both Android and iOS with the same user experience is not an easy one. Both have different kinds of UI components such as picker, date picker, etc. Especially drop-down picker is an essential one. That's why I recommend the react-native-modal-selector which is a more customizable library and fully cross-platform.

Axios (axios)

Axios is a popular HTTP request framework for JavaScript applications. It helps to fetch the data from the server which is better than built-in fetch API.

Honorable Mentions

  • React Native Navigation (react-native-navigation)

  • Relay

  • React Native Maps

  • NativeBase

  • React Native Elements

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