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Top 5 Things to do After Installing Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code, it is not a just code editor. It can use as a powerful IDE. Here are my tips to improve productivity in the Visual Studio Code. This article not intended for a particular technology or programming language.

Install Material Icon Theme

The material icon theme has a variety of icons for different kinds of files and directories. It uses the color differences between the icons so we can easily recognize the file type. We can simply install the material icon theme through the extensions installer from the left side tab bar.

To enable the material icon theme, go to the preferences from the file menu select the 'File Icon Theme' option. Then we can select the 'Material Icon Theme' from a list of icon themes.

Optimize Font

The font is essential for coders, which helps programmers clearly understand the code flow. The first thing is enabling the font ligatures. To enable the font ligature; use the following instruction.

settings -> Text Editor -> Font -> (Enable) Font Ligatures.

You can also add "editor.fontLigatures: true" in settings.json.

The second step is, change the text editor font with a good Monospaced font. I prefer Fira Code, which is an Open Source font with good community support.

Link: https://github.com/tonsky/FiraCode

Git Lens

VS Code has built-in Git support. The Git Lens helps to supercharge it. It helps to see the history of every line. This feature is an extraordinary one for developers to analyze the version of all file in the code editor.

Link: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=eamodio.gitlens


One of the powerful code formatter available for many programming languages. We can also configure the prettier individually for every project. In my personal experience, it saves lots of time and also helps to improve productivity.

Format On Save

Another cool optimization is format the code when we save the file every time. Here the application of Prettier is more helpful.

settings -> Text Editor -> (Enable) Format on Save.

Or edit the settings.json with the following code.



"editor.formatOnSave": true



These are my top 5 tips to supercharge productivity in the VS Code. Please let me know if I missed any good ones in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading!

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