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Top 7 Packages for React Application Developement.

The truth we cannot deny, React is more popular UI library to create the web applications. React's modular approach and state management make the web development more manageable and scalable. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of developers all over the world. React is not like a framework to contain all potential features such as routing, testing, etc. We need to go with some other packages to create production-ready React applications. So I would like to share some of the significant seven packages for React application development. It will help to improve the productivity of the team of developers and ensure the scalability of React Application.

Note: This list is only based on my experience, the need for the libraries and framework will differ based on the application concept. But listed libraries will be suitable for most of the React application concepts and requirements.

1. React Router (react-router-dom)

React is suitable for single-page applications, but web applications need navigations. The solution is react-router, which is a popular declarative routing library for React applications.

2. Redux (redux, react-redux)

Redux makes the state management of React application more maintainable. Redux helps to share the application state across the components and flows the philosophies 'single source of truth' and unidirectional state modification.

3. Jest (jest)

Unit testing is also a part of the development. We need a good testing library to create a stable React application. Jest is a testing library for JavaScript applications well suited for React. Jest is created by Facebook and maintained as an open-source.

4. React Bootstrap (react-bootstrap)

Bootstrap is a CSS framework to create mobile-first responsive web applications. React Bootstrap framework helps to easier the installation and configuration of the Bootstrap with React.

5. Axios

Web applications need to handle more HTTP requests and responses. Axios is Promise based HTTP library handles the HTTP request and response asynchronously.

6. Query String (query-string)

Looks simple but parsing the query parameters in the URL is more complex. Query String package helps to parse and create the query params effectively by using JavaScript Objects.

7. React Toastify

Need to create notifications or alerts? No problem, we have React Toastify. It is similar to the Toastr JavaScript library.

Honorable mentions

Mocha - Testing framework.

Enzyme - JavaScript testing utility for React.

React DnD - React Drag and Drop utilities.

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